"The Lymm Dance"

You can read on-line a short piece about Geoff Bibby collecting the dance in the 1970s at "Geoff Bibby's diaries up to 1980"

You can view on-line basic notation for the dance: Notation for the Statham Morris Dance

There is even an on-line electronic book all about: A History of Morris Dancing in and around Lymm and Statham (opens in new window)

Or download and read at leisure from the Thelwall Morris Men Publications

*** NEW *** A pictorial History of the Lymm Dance (2Mb pdf download)
All the photographs that we have of the Lymm Morris Dancers laid out in approximate chronological order with notes.
(If you have others then a copy/scan would be appreciated)

Morris Dancing in Lymm - Revival of the Old Dance and Development of the New (2.7Mb pdf download)
An account of Geoff Bibby's research into the Old Lymm dance and a summary of other morris dancing in the Lymm area.
The booklet (print at A5) is illustrated with all the current known photographs of the old Lymm Dance teams. 

The Lymm Dance Notation (22kb pdf document)
Designed to be printed back to back and folded to give an A5 leaflet with extensive notation of The Lymm Dance. 

Exhibition about the Lymm Dance - Lymm Library April-May 2003 (950Kb pdf document)
The text and pictures of a small exhibition that was in Lymm Library to "advertise" our workshop on the Lymm Dance.

View photos from the outings of the Lymm Morris

Lymm Rushbearing
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Lymm May Queen
: 2009 : 2010 : 2011 : 2012 : 2013 : 2015

Knutsford Royal May Day

Moulton Village Festival
: 2013

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