The Statham Morris

Ordinary shoes or boots; dark knee-length socks; ordinary schoolboys' short trousers (with braces); white, or at best, pale shirts with rosettes pinned up the front and back in vertical rows, usually pinned onto braces; straw hats decorated with paper flowers, long ribbons hanging from waist band all round; a long white cloth held in each hand; some wore ties. '

Various tunes e.g. "Pop Goes The Weasel", "Oh Susannah", but mostly "Yankee Doodle" which was generally called "Charlie Barber" after the words sung by Ned Rowles:

"Charlie Barber shaved his father,
With a wooden razor.
The razor slipped and, cut his lip,
Well done Charlie Barber."

"Toasted cheese is very, very good
Toasted in a lantern.
A bit for me, and a bit for you,
And a bit for the Morris Dancers."

Ned also sang "Smack 'em up me lucky lads"

Dancers numbered 8 or 12, but could be done with any multiple of 4,

Step up
Step across (and back) = 2 figures
Cast (up or down)
Double cast
The step up and turn is used as a repeated chorus.


8 bars (used to start dance, and as a Chorus)

Jump on both feet, left in front of right.
Jump onto left foot.
Jump on both feet, right in front of left.
Jump onto right foot.

Turn (single upwards and outwards, starting on left foot making three steps and stamping right foot (walked).
Repeat 1 with opposite feet
Repeat 2 downwards and outwards starting on right foot.

Cross hands in front at waist level, left in front of right.
Flick hands outwards (apart)
Cross hand again with right hand in front
Flick outward again

On first and third step, bring cloths smartly down from head level. On stamp flick cloths above head.
Repeat 1 with opposite hands in front.
Repeat 2
Even numbers reverse feet and hands,

Stepping for the figures is a fast skip-step, two steps to a bar of music, with the free leg behind, and starting on the inside foot. Hands are over-arm bowling action, left arm with right leg etc. and are flicked above head on the "feet-together stamp"


Three steps forward starting on the inside leg, then outside leg thrown forwards. Three steps back starting with the outside leg, then free leg is stamped "feet together"
REPEAT - 8 bars of music

Partners change places, and turn to face, using eight steps (four bars)
All perform step and turn, then repeat to cross back to original place.
(16 bars of music in all).

Partners cross passing right shoulder, then all turn left to form left hand stars in groups of four. Stars travel half way round, and partners again cross (this time left shoulder) and turn right into right hand star back to place.
Inside foot start.8 bars in all. No information on hands.

Bottom couple dance together up the middle of the set, and cast out and down the outside back to places, with continuous steps starting on the inside foot. As this couple pass the top (four bars of music) the next pair dance up together and cast round, followed by each couple in order. While not on the move, all dancers perform the step and turn, and move off at four bar intervals.
This was also performed as a CAST DOWN.

This is a combination of the CAST UP and the CAST DOWN, and was invented by Ned Rowles. Each couple goes in a different order, and in alternately opposite directions. Bottoms cast up, followed by tops casting down, and so on, until all couples have performed a cast. Again step and turns are performed in position while awaiting turn, or after returning to place.
FIGURES 4 and 5 both take 24 bars of music for an eight-man set, and 32 bars for 12 men.

First corners, in each group of four cross over, passing by right shoulder, while the second corners do a step and turn. Second corners then cross, while first corners do a step and turn.
This may be four bars or eight bars long, and the step and turn could be either "half" or "whole" in each case. If the crossing takes eight bars, then this is really two figures: a corners cross, and a cross back, as in FIGURE 2.

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