Lymm Rushbearing, 14th August 2011

Meet up at The Star, Statham, for a "dress rehearsal" and a team photo.

L-R: Geoff, Andrew, Henry, Steve A, Steve G, Tony, Dave, Kevin, Ian, Rob, Del, Alex

On, then to Lymm and adjacent to the canal for another display

Pepper Street next to gather for the start of the Rushbearing procession

Musicians (plus Andrew)

Photo opportunity for Warrington Worldwide (see picture)

Off we go...   ...past the Spread Eagle...

...along past Lymm Dam...

Procession to the Church, Lymm Morris Men to the Church Green

...then head back to Pepper Street

Procession led by Mayor of Warrington - His car sports the new Thelwall Morris Men badge (see picture)

Back at Pepper Street, at the end of the day Steve demonstrates how to roll up the hankies.
The rabbit impression is optional

       Watch Steve rolling his own

Hats off and hankies (correctly rolled) put aside for the team to have a cup of tea and a biscuit

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Photographs © 2011 Marion Quigley (team photo), Ruth Bibby (all others)
Hankie Rolling Training Video © 2011 Thelwall Morris Men
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