Lymm Rushbearing 2014
10th August 2014

Second Sunday in August and time for the Lymm Morris team to turn out
Here is a photojournalistic report of the day

Meet up at the Pickering Arms for a team photo of those there when it was taken
L-R: Henry, Steve, Peter B, Pilotman (back), Dave, Peter H, Tony, Alex, Rob, Andrew, Del, Geoff

At the Village Hall, out of the rain, a quick run through of the dance
Two lovely straight lines, though possibly not as opposite partner as could be

Hanging about till its time to move off in the procession - NOT RAINING

Peter Powell, Lymm town crier fllowed by Deputy Mayor and Mayoress then Councillors
followed by Lymm May Queen and Rosebuds (hidden) then the rest through the village...

Up Henry Street, pausing only for a quick figure and the procession disappears into the distance

At Lymm Dam

Up the hill to the church which has its bells peeling away making it difficult to hear the music
Andrew is clearly at a different part of the dance that everyone else

The processioners go into the Church - we go into the Church Green (pub)
and perform the dance on the Car Park

The musicians for the day - Peter B, Peter H, Del and Alex
Not sure that Alex is wearing his cap in traditional manner

This is called The Haycart or The Maycart or possibly even The Maywain

Back at the hall for speaches and a performance

Amazing that we still have great pace - even last thing in the day

'Tis the Hay/May Cart/Wain again
*Almost the whole team (or bits of them) are on this picture only one musician missing

*Almost the whole team (or bits of them) are on this picture only one dancer missing

Then the final "OUT" of the day and the dancing's over

*Then in true festival fashion it's "Meet the Team" - Here Laura (from Argentina) meet us 

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Photographs 2014 Ms Diana Madden
*Photographs 2014 Laura W's man
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