Moulton Village Festival
18th May 2013

The Lymm Morris Team went to Moulton this year - here are a few pictures
Starting with the team, bright and early, set for the day ahead

L-R: Tony, Dave, Seteve A, Rob, Alex, Geoff, teve G, Del (music), Kevin, Andrew, Henry, Pilotman

The team prepare to perform, quite literally, in from of the May Queen...

...and the other teams:
L-R: King John's (yellow/black, Saddleworth (red/blue diagonals), Moulton (yellow/blue) and Hansworth Sword Dancers

...and away we go

After lunch and dancing around the village we are back at the "showground"

Everyone just set off doing the figure Square"

Team other watch with great admiration (hmmm)

Saturday night we wear the team T-shirts...

...then on Sunday we dance again with our Sunday musicians (from Handsworth Sword Dancers)...
..of course we don't mingle with them

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Photographs 2013 Thelwall Morris Men
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