The Morris Quiz
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Geoff Bibby (Thelwall Morris Men)

Q41. Where did the tune for the Upton on Severn stick dance come from. Not in the British Isles"
Q42. List all the dance titles you can think of which contain a different girls name
Q43. At the end of longsword dances the swords are woven together in a hexagonal or octagonal pattern. What is this traditionally called
Q44. What is the equivalent pattern (pentagonal) of swords at the end of a rapper dance called
Q45. What is the name of the three man jig from Lichfield
Q46. In which Cotswold tradition are there figures which involve a foot-up with six men in line, and then a cast out back into a set
Q47. In which tradition is the 1st half of both the half gyp and the back to back performed by numbers 1 and 2 only
Q48. What is unusual about the rounds in "Jug by the ear" from Fieldtown
Q49. Which Cotswold dance is performed throughout by partners joined by knotted handkerchieves
Q50.There is a jig from Ilmington called "Nelson's Pride". Of which well-known tune is "Nelson's Pride" a version

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