The Morris Quiz
compiled by
Geoff Bibby (Thelwall Morris Men)

Q31. What is the origins of the dances of the "Shropshire Bedlams"
Q32. Where do "Molly" dances come from
Q33. What time of year do N.W. morris teams traditionally dance out
Q34. Apart from Maple, Berry and Bibby, name two founder members of Thelwall Morris Men
Q35. Dances and tunes almost always bear the same name. Give two exceptions (both names in each case)
Q36. Name two dance titles which include a different bird
Q37. Name three dances with animals in their titles - excluding birds!
Q38. Name two Cotswold traditions that begin with the letter "S"
Q39. List as many traditions as you can, from Bacon's Book, that begin with the letter "B"
Q40.How many different colours can you think of that occur in Cotswold dance names. Give one title for each colour

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Quiz compiled by Geoff Bibby
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