Carrington Moss Mumming Play
Cast of Characters from A-Z

Here is the cast of characters featured in the Mumming Play and the latest casting.


Description and dress

2018 cast


Colourful character - a Morris-type Fool


Bold Slasher

A Turkish Knight - turban and baggy trousers


Saint George

Knight Crusader - tin helmet, tunic with red cross



[A lion in 1996]** but subsequently found



King of Egypt's daughter - typical drag act


King of Egypt

Traditional Arab outfit



A quack doctor - heavy coat, bow tie, Gladstone bag


Johnny Jack

Man with family burden


Fat 'n Fine

A scruffy crippled beggar


Soldier Bold

Military uniform. Sometimes after a contemporary hero



A devil figure - in red and black, carries club


**The dragon outfit went missing in 1996 and was replaced with a Lion (Brian) -the Thelwall hobby. The dragon outfit was found in time for the 1997 performances and has not gone AWOL since

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