"The Lymm Dance - 1986 Archive Footage"

The attached is an extract from the Lymm Rushbearing Procession of 1986 when Thelwall Morris revived the dance at the Rushbearing after an absence of scores of years. The video is of very poor quality resulting from mid-80s camcorder technology, a third generation copy and optimised for 56kb modem download.

The clip is in Real Video 9 format and approximately 600k (from an original 18Mb mpeg file). Your copy of Real Player may have to install a [250kb] plug-in to be able to view it.

The Lymm Dance (aka Statham Morris)

The dance shows the Step and turn, Step up, Double Cast and The Star.

The video was expertly taken by Chris Maple. The full dance (50Mb mpeg) is available on request, e-mail Andrew White for details.

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