Maypole Green & The Packhorse, Culcheth
4th July 2018

Maypole Green

A press cutting from 1846 reports on a celebration of the repeal of the corn laws 
The celbrations took place on Maypole Green in Culcheth on 4th July 1846.
The appropriate bit of the cutting is:
The plot in question was given by a member of the Trafford family, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in order that the villagers of the olden time might amuse and perfect themselves in the Maurice or Morris dance, which was much in vogue at that time.

Ready to start on the Green - Constant Billy (Headington)

Heading up in a Lichfield dance  (Vandals of Hammerwich)

Banbury Bill, from the village of Bampton
The whole team is visible here (L-R): Steve, Henry, Geoff, Malcolm, Bill, Rick, David, Rob Andrew, Kevin, Pierre, Del, Jasper: 

End of our last dance on the Green

The Packhorse

With the whole (current) team out tonight - a team photo

L-R: Malcolm, Steve, Andrew. Kevin, Bill, Pierre, David, Henry, Geoff, Jasper, Rob, Rick, Del

Get on down for The Quaker, a dance from Bampton...

Getting on down again in Young Collins - a dance from Oddington

The jump from "feet together, jump

Jasper, clearly concentrating on the dancing

One stick that failed the pre-dance QA assessment

Last dance of the first session - Bonny Green Garters
A picture featuring the whole team (L-R):  Kevin, Del (just), Pierr, David, Rob, Malcolm, Steve, Bill, Geoff, Henry,Andrew, Rick, Jasper

The "Ring" in the dance Ring o'Bells

The big finish - Andrew finds time to smile at the camera

Apres Morris - a bit of a session outside the pub

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