Saturday 4th July 1846 Celebrations at Maypole Green
Press cuttings from the following week's papers


FREE TRADE FESTIVITY - On Saturday, the people of Culcheth celebrated the repeal of the Corn Laws, by rejoicings on a plot of ground belonging to the township, and which, on account of its connection with the ancient family of the Traffords, and the good old sports of the fifteenth century, deserves a passing notice. The plot in question was given by a member of the Trafford family, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in order that the villagers of the olden time might amuse and perfect themselves in the Maurice or Morris dance, which was much in vogue at that time. On this plot, which has been secured to the inhabitants through all the vicissitudes of the intervening times, the late T. E. Withington, Esq., of Culcheth Hall, caused a May-pole to be erected, which is still standing, On Saturday last, to this spot repaired the good folks of Culcheth to celebrate the repeal of the taxes upon corn. An excellent band of music was engaged, and all the children of the neighbourhood were regaled with buns, coffee, &c., while the yeomen and others of more advanced years partook of good old ale, two barrels of which were tapped and consumed on the spot, to the healths of those who have made themselves most conspicuous in promoting "Free Trade with all the world" Several of the principal folks afterwards adjourned to the Arrow Inn, where the evening was spent in a convivial manner.

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