Moulton Village Festival, 21-23 May 2010

The procession snakes around the Public Gardens following the Crowning of the May Queen

Thelwall assist in the cart pulling... the Artichoke

  Moulton Cinema showing the latest blockbuster


Steve met up with his (ahem) "niece", Melissa.

Thelwall meet up with Ellen who is preparing a BBC4 programme
(Not only about Thelwall - In fact, not about Thelwall at all)
Initially Ellen didn't appear keen on having her picture taken (click here)

During the day a couple of the Moulton lads performed a Princess Royal Double Jig from Bampton.
The Fool and Musicians join in at the end - watch video (1.5Mb).

Click to view video
Would have been quite impressive if the musicians put up their outside arms  
with Simon Care (on left) playing the bass and the other lad playing the tune(1).

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Note 1: 
To avoid any abusive e-mails, I should point out that this comment has been made "tongue firmly in the cheek" - of course it is a fantastic feat for the musicians to play competently and dance.  Many Morris Musicians have trouble playing competently standing still(2)
Note 2:
This comment, too, was made "tongue in cheek", though not as firmly as that outlined in Note 1 because there really are some Morris Musicians who have trouble playing competently standing still and, sadly, I'm one of them (AW).