Easter Monday, 5th April 2010 

A good turn-out at the Pickering Arms as seen in this panoramic view.  
The ladies from the "Walkie Talkies" swelling the crowd (if they still call themselves that, see 2007)

Note: The panorama is made up from 4 photographs stitched together, then tinkered with a bit more (see another)

One stick, one hankie - Young Collins, Oddington

The music men

Ruth does some clogging (watch)

Bonny Green Garters for those who will 
Ex-Thelwall man Alan (black top) and new boy Martin (in stripes and on the correct foot)
Also present is Alex's young lady, whose name escapes me (I'm having a senior moment)

Team 2010
L-R (standing): Geoff, Kevin, Derek, Steve, Martin, Rob, Henry, Dave, Del
L-R (kneeling): Alex, Andrew

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