Easter Monday Tour - 9 April 2007

Lets start with the team photo at the Pickering Arms, Thelwall with ladies of "The Walkie Talkies" from Liverpool.

The boys at the front from left to right are: Rob, Kevin, Henry, Geoff, Steve, Andrew, Arthur, Derek (music) and Del (music).
Oh, and Dave is tucked away at the back.

The tour really started at the Saracens Head, Warburton

The dance - Constant Billy from Headington

On then to the Swan with 2 Nicks, Little Bollington

Click here to see how the cloning brush tidied the original up a bit
The chorus of Young Collins from  Bledington
A dance in which Steve called the figures in Italian

The end of Laudnum Bunches from Headington

Finally at the Pickering Arms, Thelwall and a little rain.

The Furze Field from Bampton

The end of Sheriffs Ride from Lichfield (the 6-man version)

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Photographs © 2007 Steve Armitage except Group which was taken by Maureen Britch
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