34nd Annual General Meeting
10th October 2007

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Windscale Accident, Thelwall Morris Men held their AGM 
on the 10th of October - 'course that wasn't the reason, but it got your attention!
Here is a selection of photographs from the 2006/2007 AGM.
For more information about the awards visit the description or past winners pages.

L-R (Standing): Andrew, Arthur, Derek, Dave, Norman, Jasper, Rob, Henry, Del
L-R (seated): Steve, Kevin, Geoff

Bagman's Medal

Awarded to Andrew for work as e-bagman and Webmaster

Dull Bugger

Kevin accepts the award, though how can you be dull 
accepting an award with your flies half undone

Slippery Ferret

Absent for no good reason: Cruising around the inland 
waterways of England during the dancing season

Silver Shoes (two left feet)

Andrew got it soooo wrong soooo often






The Mounted Swede


The design of the award doesn't quite reflect
the reason for which it is awarded.

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Photographs 20074 Andrew White
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