Thelwall Bagman Award Winners

Accounts of the history and descriptions of the Bagman's awards can be found in the short history of Thelwall Morris or in more detail in the long history version.

Here are award winners from the period of the Thelwall Morris Men web site

The Dull Bugger

Presented for singular idiocy.

2014: Dave for general all purpose dullness
2013: Not awarde, but held in trust by honourable mention Dull Bugger, Dave
2012: Dave Devereau for leaving Hon Member tankerd after AGM and knowing, leaving kit at Gordon,s do, forgetting kit at Mega2012 and leaving waistcoat containing valuable pocket watch behind after dancing out + more
2011: Steve Guest for leaving kit (hat) at pub AND ignoring music during solo jig and finishing 1.5 seconds after the music finished AND nerdish obsessiveness on how to roll up the Lymm Hankies.
2010: Steve Guest for missing an evening to attend a Tom Paxton concert, whom he'd seen in concert umpteen times before (see 1997 Slippery Ferret for precedent)
2009: Kevin Farrell for promoting himself with the media to get on a TV programme broadcast on BBC Parliament channel
2008: Andrew White for missing weeks following an operation that remains unspoken about, then missing even more due to a knee operation following an injury obtained dancing with another team
2007: Kevin Farrell for leading a party of dancers and musicians to a Wetherspoons pub in Bedford when the team was required to dance at a Beer Festival - the team had to find another musician to play instead.
2006: Dave Devereux-Pratt, for managing to get himself locked in the Parish Hall after a practice.
2005: Henry, for almost getting us barred from the Little Manor.
2004: Steve Guest, for his continued pessimism on the future of Thelwall Morris Men (this one is wearing a bit thin, now!)
2003: Steve Guest, for the appalling state of his hat and refusal to buy a new one one because of his predicted imminent demise of the side
2002: Steve Guest, for his continued pessimism on the future of Thelwall Morris Men
2001: Bruce, for crying off Moulton weekend to take another booking
2000: Steve Guest, for consistent pessimism over the last 5 years on predicting the demise of the side (plus a late bid by attempting to reassemble the Mallow Shield during the award ceremony)
1999: Dave Pratt, for leaving the Squire's Tankard (c.20 years old) in such a position that it could be run over by a van! - Closely contested by Bruce who sat and watched it being run over
1998: Cecil Parkinson/Tim (ex-squire of the Morris Ring) Sircombe - Jointly received the award for their non-attendance at the 25th Anniversary Day
1997: Dave Pratt - At Moulton, all Thelwall MM outside while Prattman was inside waiting for the team to socialise
1996: Gordon Gilmore, for giving up the Morris at a time when TMM need more men, not less
1995: The Fool, for putting the whole side in jeopardy of hernias by putting them in the position of having to lift Dolores from Balyphehane - 20 stone and still counting - at the end of TMM version of Banbury Bill Bampton.

The Silver Shoes

Two Left Feet Award.
2014: Andrew for Going arse over tit whilst trying to impress (show off to) some ladies in the audience.
2013: Kevin, for attemt to take out a dancer (Andrew) from an already weakened team in Galway.
2012: Rob, who has danced Winster Processional for miles over the years - failed to cross with partner.
2011: Rob, for being the only person to finish feet together in a Bampton dance, which we NEVER finish that way. The dance was new to the team this year, taught by Rob. 
2010: Henry, for explaining in great detail to Mike how to do the chorus correctly in The Quaker, and promptly doing it wrong himself
2009: Geoff Bibby and Henry Addison who, as prime commenters on Steve's inability to do the rounds in Illmington, successfully messed it up together at Hawarden Farm Shop.  Accepted by Geoff, as he continues to mess up the rounds.
2008: Rob Pracy for a spectacular leap and landing on all fours during a display dance in Williamson Square, Liverpool
2007: Andrew White for his ability to make so many basic mistakes at EVERY venue of the Easter Monday Tour (first outing of the year)
2006: Dave Devereux-Pratt for, after 3-years of doing 6-man Lichfield was still able to go the wrong way in the hey (at our highest fee paying venue, too)
2005: Geoff Bibby, for failing to start a dance properly at the Woolston WI demonstration lecture, after the audience had been specifically directed to him for a good example of footwork.
2004:The whole team made some silver shoe faux pas at the Fearnhead WI night - Foreman accepts award on behalf of the team.
2003: Not awarded because, in the eyes of the bagman, there has been a lack of instances when the award could be given - if only he turned out more he would have known [very] different.
2002: Geoff Bibby - Unusual to see the foreman take a tumble during a dance (Walking Tour 2002)
2001: Dave Pratt for successfully performing a sliding tackle on Ned, mid-dance.
2000: Geoff Bibby, for falling on his rear end mid dance at Lymm Dam
1999: Andrew White, for spectacular fall during a dance at the Ring Meeting whilst being videoed by the Ring Archivist
1998: The entire group of past members who partook in "Vandals of Hammerwich" at the Shady Oak on the 25th Anniversary Day - 100 years experience of Morris dancing between them and nobody got it right
1997: Rob Pracy, for falling over on more than one occasion during the year when dancing (Norton Priory and Warrington town tour)
1996: Steve Guest, for failing to make any height and collapsing on floor during Glorishers (leap-frog) Fieldtown
1995: Dave Pratt, for consistency.

The Slippery Ferret

Best/most implausible/ridiculous excuse for not turning up for dancing out.
2014: Jasper for "doing his back in putting his kit on"
2013: Rob who, despite being retired several years was unable to go to Galway due to work comittments
2012: Jasper who cried off of a paid booking on Shrove Tuesday because the time "not compatible with serious pancake eating.
2011: Mike Amberry for continually being able to find an excuse for not being there - Mike wasn't there to receive the award!
2010: Mike Amberry for always being able to find an excuse for not being there.
2009: Norman Partington who regularly cries off dancing out and practices to go watch Stoke City AND did not to come to the AGM to go and see a Cliff Richard and the Shadows Concert (Note: He was also given the slippery gullet award to use in the event of post Cliff Concert syndrome..  
2008: Kevin Farrell for providing no reasonable excuse for not joining the team at the Ring Meeting for the evenings dancing
2007: Arthur Ronald for deciding to cruise the canals of England during the dancing season
2006: Steve Guest, who failed to learn any lessons from last year and AGAIN double booked himself and pulled out of dancing at the last minute.
2005: Steve Guest for saying he was available for a booking, then nearer the time pulling out after realising he had booked a holiday for that week.
2004: Geoff Bibby, who took the desperate measure of breaking an ankle to get out of dancing.
2003: Derek Bradburne, for refusal to travel on the bus during our Bus tour because he doesn't "do" public transport.
2002: Derek Bradburne, for developing arthritis just to avoid coming to the morris
2001: Jim Berry, for poor attendance - considering he only lives 100yds away.
2000: Rob Pracy for putting his career and livelihood before the morris.
1999: Jim Berry, for missing everything during the year
1998: Ged - Knew the date of the 25th Day well in advance and still booked a holiday to go away that weekend
1997: Bruce, for failing to pay out 20 quid for a day of dance to go off and get paid 85 for a 2 hour gig
1996: Bluey, for insisting (at 1995 AGM) that he would turn out during the year and hasn't been seen since (as at 1996 AGM)

The Slippery Gullet / The Embarrassing Illness award

Embarrassing Illness Award for the most embarrassing illness during the year
2013: Not awarded, though thought Jasper should be embarrased at the frequency with which he gets injured etc...  ...last dance out... ...Hmm
2013: Alex, who in was a write off for the first day's dancing. Only he seems to believe it wasn't due to over indulgence the night before.
2012: No takers
2011: Richard received the Embarrassing Illness Award for, well, rather not say, though to be described as an illness need to go back to the 60s.
2010: No takers
2009: No takers, but the actual award passed back to Norman (see Slippery Ferret, 2009)
2008: Norman for something we don't speak about - though the photo may provide something of a clue
Slippery Gullet for the most impressive display of throwing up
2007: No takers
2006: No takers
2005: No takers 
2004: No takers 
2003: No takers (if that is the right word!)
2002: No takers
2001: No takers
2000: No takers
1999: Steve Guest - for his performance at Moulton
1998: No takers
1997: Not awarded but retained by Derek who looked the person most likely to
1996: Derek - The fish in the Bridgewater Canal have yet to recover

The Bagman's Medal

Activities significantly enhancing Thelwall Morris in some way.
2014: Pierre for learning melodion, practicing every week and turning out to Ring Meeting to assist Jasper as musician (and releasing Andrew to dance).
2013: Henry, organising stuff is passé for Henry, but opening up home and providing afternoon tea for 50 plus morris dancers is beyond the call of duty.
Award accepted as Manager of the Addison Catering and Conference Facilities, Lowton.
2012: Henry again for project managing the Tea and Stickies Event and the Day of Dance Also for self financing an exploratory trip to Ireland for 2013.
2011: Henry for his contribution to the organisation of the Easter Monday sandwiches, Tea and Stickies Event and his part in the Day of Dance.
2010: Steve Guest for volunteering (practically every year) to do the catering on Easter Monday
2009: Henry for travelling 1000 miles to check out a possible dancing venue.
2008: Derek Britch for musicianing throughout the year 
2007: Andrew White for acting as e-bagman throughout the year and for maintaining enthusiasm in the maintenance of the TMM website.
2006: Rob Pracy, for regularly (most weeks during the year) driving up from the midlands (associated with work) to practices and dancing out
2005: Geoff Bibby, for the production of a set of Swords for Thelwall MM to move on and do some sword dancing.
2004: Andrew White, for almost single handed running the team during the year.
2003: Steve Guest, for organising the Warrington Borough Transport Bus tour.
2002: Geoff Bibby, for his continued optimism over the future of the side.
2001: Ned - without whom there would not have been a team some nights during the summer
2000: Andrew White, for spreading the history of Thelwall Morris Men across the World Wide Web
1999: Derek Bradburne, for being indispensable. 
There was an unkind proposal that the award should go to the entire team, except Bibby's kids, for putting up with Bibby's kids.

1998: Andrew White,  for compiling and printing the 25th anniversary book, producing anniversary badges and organising the 25th Anniversary day
Geoff Bibby is to receive a special award for his dedication and contribution to Thelwall Morris Men from day 1
1997: Geoff Bibby, for continued contribution to Thelwall Morris Men - "Done more for TMM than anybody in the last 25 years"
1996: Andrew White, for fine work as foreman over last two years
1995: Kevin Farrell, for organising the International Festival of Dance in the face of galloping inertia from the rest of the side.

The Thelwall Morris Men's Morris Man Award

Voted at the AGM by those members present.
2014: Rob
2013: Richard "Rick" Nelson
2012: Del Britch
2011: Rob Pracy
2010: Andrew White
2009: Not awarded - no-one has owned up yet to having possession of it.
2008: Not awarded because, as usual we forgot and the award seems to have gone AWOL
2007: Andrew White (after a re-count)
2006: Del Britch
2005: Geoff Bibby
2004: Andrew White
2003: Geoff Bibby
2002: We forgot to do this!
2001: Kevin Farrell

The Mounted Swede

For the most successful assignation with a member of the opposite sex (to be polite).
2014: Not awarded
2013: Near miss to Jasper, who chatted up every foreign girl in Galway aged between 25 and 35
2012: Near miss for shenanigans between Steve and Dave at a kissing gate at Chipping Campden - there are times when we really ought to have at least one woman in the team.
2011: Not awarded - no-one even close.
2010: Not awarded, though a near miss from Steve (he's claiming it was his neice)
2009: Not awarded - Steve's eaten the swede and lost the mount, though David made a late bid for the Digital Mounted Swede (see here)
2008: Still not awarded despite Jasper's presence at quite a few of the outings
2007: Not awarded
2006: Kevin Farrell, who, at Moulton managed (to quote the Bagman), "meet, court, get engaged, consummate, and split up in one evening"

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