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Here is a list of publications available for sale or download.

  1. Thelwall Morris Men. 1973-2023. 50th Anniversary Edition
    The book, originally produced to celebrate 25 years of Thelwall Morris Men has now been updated for our 50th Anniversarty and is only available online as a 5.4Mb pdf file (TMM_Book_2023).
    The original 25th anniversary book (1973-1998) was the basis for the Long History of Thelwall Morris  Web Pages.

  2. Morris Dancing in Lymm - Revival of the Old Dance and Development of the New
    An account of Geoff Bibby's research into the Old Lymm dance and a summary of other morris dancing in the Lymm area.
    The booklet (print at A5) is illustrated with all the current known photographs of the old Lymm Dance teams. (2.7Mb pdf download)

  3. The Lymm Dance Notation
    **UPDATED 2011 edition to include all figured danced
    Designed to be printed back to back and folded to give an A5 leaflet with extensive notation of The Lymm Dance. (22kb pdf document)

  4. Exhibition about the Lymm Dance - Lymm Library April-May 2003
    The text and pictures of a small exhibition that was in Lymm Library to "advertise" our workshop on the Lymm Dance (950Kb pdf document).
  5. Tarporley Hunt - 1833
    The words of the poem, as sung by Thelwall Morris Men. Available as an html file or 10Kb pdf document.
  6. Baldricks and Bellpads - Bibby's Guide to Making Them
    A short, beautifully illustrated publication by Geoff Bibby showing how to make those key items of Morris equipment.
    Available only as a 50Kb pdf file (kit.pdf).

  7. Thelwall Black Book Supplement
    The Thelwall dances supplement to "The Black Book" is available for download as a 300K pdf file (thelwall.pdf).
    There are a couple of minor errors in the music manuscripts and these will be rectified in due course - and this warning removed!)
    See also: 25th Anniversary Dance original notes
  8. Posters for Advertising Dancing Out
    Two versions available - Colour, Colour + FB & T or Black/White - all are pdf files

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