Mumming at Crosstown Community Orchard
13th January 2024

Pre-Performance : Performance : Post-Performance

Due to ill health and unavailability the team made several team changes during the few days before the event
This requiring last minute script changes and cast changes
There was no opportunity to practice / rehearse prior to the performance.
Regardless of this, "The Mumming Play that goes Wrong" went down very well.

L-R: Doctor (Steve), Phoebe (Henry), St George (Andrew), Dragon (Ian), Johnny Jack (Bill)
Bold Slasher (Jasper), Little Devil Doubt (Del) and Fool (Geoff)

Arrival and Preperations

The entrance to the Orchard and welcoming "Green Man"  

Ringheye Morris ws the warm-up act

Slasher and sister, Phoebe keeping warm, and Johnny Jack ready is for the cold

The dragon wailing for his cue...

The Performance - screen grabs from video

"Stay you noisy Dragon.."

George Woos Fair Phoebe

Slasher and George exchange words...

The big Fight sequence (didn't quite go to plan)

The Doctor confirms death and samples the medicine

In come I Little Devil Doubt, to sweep you to the grave

In come I Johnny Jack

Wife and family on my back 

 I'll sing and dance to please you all

Fool's Jig danced to the Kazoo and Thelwall Mummers Choir 

Post Performance

Green man and "Refreshment Stall"

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