Thelwall Mummers 2021-2  Crosstown Community Orchard Wassail, 15 January 2022

Missing out performing in pubs at Xmas 2021 (due to Covid-19) 
we did get out in early 2022 at Crosstown Community Orchard's first Wassail

The Team Photo

L-R: Rob (St George), Geoff (The Fool), Jasper (Beelzebub), Andrew (Turkish Knight), Kevin (The Doctor), Henry (Phoebe)
Rick (The Dragon) Steve (Fat n'Fine), Andy (Johnny Jack), Geoff (Little Devil Doubt), David (King of Egypt)

Ringheye Morris dance surrounded by most of the attendees

Mummers assemble

"I open the door and enter in.."

"Step in the Turkish Knight and clear the way"

"Here am I St George"

Enter the Dragon

St George threatens, the fiery dragon and drives him to the slaughter and now...

...he woos fair Phoebe (the King of Egypt's daughter), who warns him of her brother (Bold Slasher, the Turkish Knight)

Re-enter Slasher

St George and Slasher get all macho with each other

They fight...

..until Slasher is distracted by Phoebe, he waves, and... killed by St George

The King of Egypt calls for a doctor to heal the dead knight

Entually revived (no thanks to the Dr, Slasher is raised to his feet

Slasher is pleased his father was around to help

And now, with George's duty done...   ..he returns to dear bride he's won

Enter the other Traditional characters

Fat n'Fine...   ...half starved and half blind

Beelzebub, in his hand he carries club, in the other a dripping pan

Little Devil Doubt - shirt tail hanging out

"In comes I, Johnny Jack..."

"...wife and family on my back"

The Fool  dances, well, "The Fool's Jig"

Then sings us out...

...and summons St George to take a bow

The team sing the final appeal for monney

After all that Ringheye dance again

Then the Wassail itself

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17 January 2022