Thelwall Mummers in 2008 

The small but perfectly formed team at Walton Hall - 14th Dec 2008
L-R: Henry, Dave, Mike, Bibby, Rob, Kevin, Andrew

The last night as captured by the lovely Cate or is it Kate or is it Cat or even Kat (I can't keep up)

George readies himself to fight (Cate/Kate/Cat/Kat* (*delete as appropriate) watches on)
(so actually she probably didn't take this picture after all - Mmmm)

St George and Bold Slasher battle it out

Slasher loses, sadly!

Phoebe struts her stuff

The king of Egypt stands in the wings ready to mourn his "son"

Fat and Fine (one person)

The MISSING CHARACTER - where is the picture of Johnny jack on his debut

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Photograph İMs Addison
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