Thelwall Mummers 
at the Frog Parade 
5th May 2008

A new annual event to celebrate Spring and return of the frogs to Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Farnworth.
Starting with the Frog Parade to the pits...

Led by a drum band type thing with other sort of things attached

At the gravel pits, the crowd gathers...

 ...and the Frog King is ready...

Getting crowned as Frog King

Proclamation read
out about the event

Looking cool on the ducking stool
(frogging stool?)

Getting cool in the pool

Let the festivities begin...  ...first up - Morris Dancing

Just as well Rivington Morris is full of slim ladies - not the biggest dancing area you'll ever see

The Famous Thelwall Mummers perform their highly traditional Mumming Play

St George waits for the Dragon...

...and wins the heart of Phoebe (bad luck, George)

Kazoo band for the jig

Some maypole dancing

Followed by another performance of Thelwall's Mumming Play...

"...pull out your sword and fight..."

A reviving drink of pond water

Out goes I, Fat 'n Fine

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Photograph 2007 Thelwall Morris Men
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