Dancers involved in the "Old Dance" revival:

Bert Appleton:1920/23
R. Clare:1920
George Finney:1920/22/23/24
Robert Hartley:1920/23
Brian Leigh:1920/22/23
Kenneth Lockyer:1920/22/23
A. Massey:1920/22/24
Albert Riley:1920/23
Frank Stirton:1920/22/23/24/25
Arnold Struthers:1920/22/23
Harold Struthers:1920/22/23
Herbert Taylor:1920/22/23/24
Willy Watts:1920/22/23/24
Ernest Wibberley:1920/22/23

Ernest Leather:1922/23/24
J. Owen:1922
T. Rushworth:1922
R. Wibberley:1922

Arnold Appleton (melodeon):1923/24
Jimmy Brooks:1923/24/25

Arnold Atherton:1924/26
H. Clark:1924
J. Hinton:1924
F. Percival:1924

G. Gilberts:1925
Arthur James:1925/26
H. Leigh:1925
George Percival:1925/26
Harold Ravenscroft:1925/26
F. Sewell:1925
Tom Smith:1925/26

1927 troupe was all girl.
1928 troupe was mixed.
1929 troupe was all girl.
- probably not the "Old Dance"

Heywood Brookes:1926/28
George Ditchfield:1926/28
Jack Gilbert:1926/28
Willie Gilbert:1926
Edward Lockyer:1926
Kenneth Smith:1926/28
Harold White:1926/28

Elsie Appleton:1927/28/29
Lily Atherton:1927/28/29
Edna Cartledge:1927/28
Nora Fairclough;1927/28
Margaret Hampson:1927/28/29
Alice Higgins:1927/28/29
Mildred Hinton:1927/28
Dorothy Howard:1927/28/29
Kathleen Leah:1927/28
Nancy Moston:1927/28
Edith Thomason:1927/28/29

Samuel Artinstall:1928
Ernest Edwards:1928
W. Edwards:1928
William Higgins:1928
Douglas Smith:1928
Amos Summerfield:1928

Mabel Battersby:1929
P. Bird:1929
E. Booth:1929
Amy Hartley:1929
F. Jones:1929
M. Taylor:1929
D. Stanley:1929

In 1930 there were Morris Dancers in green and orange - no names listed.

1931 all boy troupe performed the "Old Dance".
Competitive dancing started in 1932, and the old dance was abandoned.

Arthur Booth:1931
Esmond Drinkwater:1931
Sidney Endale:1931
Norman Gilberts:1931
Laurence Hannon:1931
Arthur Higgins:1931
Frank Jackson:1931
Kenneth Jolley:1931
Willie Jolley:1931
Harry Rosser:1931