Thelwall Honourable Members

In 1981 Ernie Whalley, who was the team’s Squire at the time, announced that he wanted to give recognition to individual members of the side who had distinguished themselves by their efforts and enthusiasm. These men were to become Honourable Members and were each to receive a tankard from the side.

The first Honourable Members were Chris Maple and Jim Berry.

Subsequently, new Honourable Members were to be chosen by the existing holders of the title. Over the years the number of men receiving this award has grown to 14, of whom 8 are still members of the side.

The award was not met with universal acclaim and one man actually left the side because he didn’t agree with the creation of what he saw as a separate class of member.

Current Honourable members are:

Chris Maple

Steve Guest

Derek Bradburne

Peter "Jasper" Robinson

Jim Berry

Gordon Gilmore   

Andrew White

Sam "Henry" Addison

Geoff Bibby

Steve Burgess

Kevin Farrell

Derek "Del" Britch

Rob Pracy

Mick “Amos” Price    

Dave Pratt

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