David Pratt, Squire

So, Thelwall Morris Men are 25 years old then. Even though the Morris itself is an awful lot older than that, and some teams can trace their origins back to the point where even folk memory becomes hazy, this is still a special year for us. We are very proud to have got this far, particularly with some members of the original side still intact. Part of our year of celebration is this booklet. It is a brief history of Morris Dancing, and is in particular a record of Morris Dancing in and around Thelwall. It also captures some of the more uplifting and some of the dafter things we have done in our short history.

Morris dancing is unique in being a genuine living tradition. We dance it in a way that is as close as possible to the style in which it has always been done. Yet, in our short history, Thelwall’s style and repertoire has considerably changed and evolved. As the [self-claimed] premier Cotswold Morris Team in the north-west, we have much to be proud of, and this booklet captures some of the enthusiasm we have for this venerable tradition.

If you know nothing about the Morris, except having seen the odd team outside Sainsbury’s or a country pub, and you have wondered how anyone could do something so obviously embarrassing, then have a look at this booklet. It may give you some clue as to the depth of the Morris and why some people don’t just do it; they live it, breath it - and drink it!

David Pratt
Thelwall Morris Men

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