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Thelwall Morris Men are ageing and numbers are gradually reducing, having had very few new recruits in recent years to replace those retiring members. If you are interested in learning to dance with Thelwall Morris Men, then contact the Bagman on 01925 601826.


Thanks go to current and past members of Thelwall Morris Men, without whom there would be no book to write.
Special thanks are due to the contributors of articles and photographs and they are, in no particular order: David Pratt, Steve Guest, Gordon Gilmore, Jim Berry, Chris Maple, Pete Jackson, Geoff Bibby, Pauline Doorbar, Pamela Carter, Eilleen Pownall, Shirley Bancroft, Margaret Mills and Fran Hall.

And finally....

Extract from the Squire’s Report, 1989

Thelwall is an excellent side. The standard of dance is usually high, and the attitude is nearly always good.
What has made it an excellent side, apart from all the work put in by foremen over the years, is the continued habit of individuals and the side to recognise failings at least as much as successes - and to work at these failings.
Success doesn’t go to our heads, and we are never in danger of being overbearing. Compared to many sides we are an unassuming bunch - and our lack of bumptious confidence is healthy - because our justification is always that we should dance well, and our confidence finds its expression in dancing well.

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