Croft Carnival, 2023
1st July 2023

On the field and the debut of Matt's Breeches (dancing front, left as seen)
(poor image quality - downloaded from TMM FB page)

Two short spots on the field, which included
(when Matt wasn't dancing)

The Vandals of Hammerwich (Lichfield)

Over enthusiastic capering from Andrew

Swing backs into place from "heading down"

This jumble of random spacing is probably at some point in the Lichfield Hey

Old Tyler (Bampton)
Danced by Old Men (Thelwall)

Mid-turning out in foot up

The middle pair "showing"

Rounds - of which this dance has many

Knuckles Akimbo (Moulton)

It's probably the perspective that suggests we're not together with the clashing

So much better here (obviously not the came camera angle a previous on)

The clashing is all sticks and fingers

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Photographs © Thelwall Morris Men but mostly taken by Matt "New Breeches" Jeziorski
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