50th Anniversary Day of Dance
3rd June 2023
Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery : 50th_DoD/Day of Dance Flyer (pdf) : Exhibition

Thelwall Morris and guest teams

Hilden Square by The White Hart

Thelwall Line up to start the day

Bollin started their bit

Bllin Dance and Thelwall watch on

Ruth Bibby dances Sam Sherry's Waltz

Thelwall dance "Oranges in Bloom", which doesn't normally finish with four dancers on one side and two on the other

Bridge Street-ish

Ducklington dance with top couple walking to bottom


Some ex-members catch up - Jim, Gordon and John

Roundy bit

Kinnerton strut their stuff

Bonny Green Garters...

...with a big finish

At "The Skittles"

Thelwall on

Esrl of Stamford dance with the Thelwall Judges watching

Banbury Bill dance from Bampton

Having a rest - except Bollin (see a bigger version)

Bollin dancing with Kinnerton waiting in the wings

Bonny Green Garters looking towards the "Skittles"

Bonny Green Garters looking away from the "Skittles"

Time Square

Ring o'Bells for six (normally eight)

Ruth Bibby dances Sam Sherry's Reel

Dancing "Old Tyler" while Kinnerton watch on and Earl of Stamford talk amongst themselves

Thelwall's best side dancing Bean Setting

A mid afternoon Bonny Green Garters

The big finish, before Kinnerton have to leave to catch a train which may or may not be running

Our collector in Charity Kit takes a break

Can't remember where this one was taken

Heading down in Lichfield's " Vandals of Hammerwich" (again only six for the eight man dance)

Last Bonny Green Garters of the day

Snaking round for a whimper of a finish :-(

After all the activity....

Heading back to the car park, a young lady insisted she carry the stick bag for me.
Coping quite well with the 8kg bag of long and short sticks

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Photographs Thelwall Morris Men
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