Easter Monday Tour
10th April 2023
(Matt's First Outing)

Team of the day
Back (L-R): Rob, Matt, Pierre, Steve, Del, Rick, Henry, David, Geoff
Kneeling (L-R): Ian, Andrew

The Barn Owl, Agden Wharf
(Danced in "The Terrace" bit of the pub)

Throwing it down with rain outside. The staff kindly moved table in the "Terrace" and let us dance there

Young Collins, Bledington
Bridgewater canal backdrop for the dancers - Car Park for the musicians

Constant Billy. Bampton - Debut dance for new boy, Matt, left

Finishing off with "Little Johnny England", Moulton
Outside (in the rain) view

The Moulton hey (through the oblong window)

Swan with 2 Nicks, Little Bollington

The "Executive Suite" occupants waiting for the dance to start

"Skirmish", Bledington
Everybody "Step in line" and Geoff applauds the performance

 "Banbury Bill", Bampton
Matt (left dancer) in action

All finish in the middle

Rick dances "Ladies of Pleasure", Bledington

Rick Hockles while impatient driver squeezes past - Risk assessment not in action

"Bean Setting", Headington

Pickering Arms, Thelwall

Vandals of Hammerwich, Lichfield
Back to Back

End of Vandals

The Quaker, Bampton

Matt strutting his stuff and a Half hey with all hands in the right place (except Matt who hasn't leaned that bit yet)

Side steps - up, turn out then down

A welcome break for the dancers whilst Ruth Bibby does Sam Sherry's Waltz

A few spots of rain for "Jockey to the Fair", Ducklington
Top couple done, so walk down to the bottom

Brolly too small,  so a seamless change to a bigger one

Andrew capers out with gusto to the bottom of the set, just in time for the dance to end

"Knuckles Akimbo", Moulton
A clash, half way through "Rounds" - Note arm positions are perfectly "Akimbo"
(Dictionary definition: "...with hands on the hips and elbows turned outwards".


Bonny Green Garters, Bampton
The end of the day 

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