Easter Monday Tour
18th April 2022

A squad of only seven Thelwall Morris Men plus Ruth Bibby

The Team

L-R: Jasper, Ruth Bibby, David, Henry, Andrew, Rick, Geoff, Del

The Venues and the Dances

Ye Olde No.3

The Lollipop Man (Boys of the Bunch), Ducklington

Rounds, of which there are many in this dance

Young Collins, Oddington

On your marks and waiting for the right bit of music to start

Galley - hook and that's the end of the dance

The Quaker, Bampton (for 4-dancers)

...followed by a half hey (four man style)

Ruth dances Sam Sherry's Waltz

The Vandals of Hammerwich, Lichfield

Starts with a swaggered cast

Heading down figure

The Swan with two Nicks

Young Collins, Bledington

Chorus - butts to the ground (bending over with butts out)

Old Tyler, Ducklington

First corners just finishing side-steps and second corners about to start theirs

Jasper says hello to the team photographer

Andrew dances Princess Royal solo Jig, Bampton

Ukrainian Folk Song Dance, Oddington Style (4-man version)

The Vandals of Hammerwich, Lichfield

Heading down figure

Side-step bit of the chorus

The Pickering Arms

Jockey to the Fair, Ducklington

Rick and Andrew doing their synchronised capering

Knuckles Akimbo, Moulton

Small rings (shown here "on the top")

First corners doing diagonal "back-to-back"

Ruth reprises Sam Sherry's waltz (to a different crowd, of course)

A click of the heels and how Ruth got there.....

Banbury Bill (not Constant Billy as announced), Bampton

Third corners doing the side-step cross

Vandals of Hammerwich, Lichfield

Chorus clashin

Reurning from "Heading up" -  single legged?

Bonny Green Garters, Bampton

Alan Poole (former dancer with TMM) joins in whilst Steve (current dancer) stands masked up and isolated

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