Joint Morris Organisations Day of Dance
Liverpool City Centre, 9th April 2022

Today's Team

L-R: Geoff P (Saudi-Bob), Ruth Bibby, Andrew, Geoff B, Henry, David, Rick, Rob


Southport Sword perform in the Library

Opening address.
Mr Robert Owen, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside.

Mr Robert Owen remarked that although he had brought his sword and spurs, he had no intention of joining in, 
adding that it is the first event he'd been to where he though himself underdressed

Opening dance from Saddleworth

1st Dance Spot: World Museum

Sutton Masque, preparing to dance

Thelwall MM, ready to start the day with Constant Bill, Bampton

Debut dance for Saudi-Bob (Geoff P) (right most dancer)

End of Suadi-Bob's debut dance...   ...well done you!

Next dance: The Vandals of Hammerwich from Lichfield

Heading up

Last dance is Ruth performing some Lancashire Clog Dancing

2nd Dance Spot: College Lane

Kicking off with "The Quaker" from Bampton

More side steps

Half Gyp


Face up!

Milltown Cloggies inaction

Milltown Cloggies in Action

Debut performance of the Ukrainian Folk Song Dance

Andrew plays for Ruth's Clog Dance

3rd Dance Spot: The Library

The team discuss what's happening next

Broom Dance danced by Sheffield University Morris

Constant Billy, Bampton

Probably mid-Gypsy


Fenstanton Morris - Wouldn't get away with wearing a fleece to dance in with Thelwall MM

Fenstanton's Hobby Lion

The team and their shadows perform The Vandals of Hammerwich
Above is Heading up

Liverpool Sightseeing bus keeping an eye on us

Swing backs after Heading Down

Caper up

A reprise of The Ukrainian Folk Song Dance

Afternoon Marshalling Pictures

Andrew at Upper South John Street

Andrew seeking out in the documentation the location of the nearest toilets for Clerical Error

Liberty Hill Morris and Clerical Error

Liberty Hill Morris

Clerical Error

Black Adder's Bagpipe Musician

Black Adder Morris

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