Thelwall Morris Men at Thelwall Rose Queen
4th September 2021

Team Photo

L-R (standing): Del, Rick, Geoff, Steve, Rob, David, Jasper
(kneeling): Andrew

The Procession

Thelwall New Road

Prestbury Drive
"Singing in the Rain" banner and props abandoned on the corner

Return to Thelwall New Road (Rose Queen Tractor just leaving Prestbury Drive)

"Hey diddle diss", Bledington, down the end of All Saints Dr and into Thelwall New Road

Andrew ends Hey Diddle Diss with the admiration of (quite literally) his followers

Passing the Pickering Arms

A couple of figures from "The Quaker", Bampton

On the Field (in front of Thelwall Parish Hall

"The Vandals of Hammerwich", Lichfield (4-man with whole hey!))


Heading up

"Sheriffs Ride", Lichfield (4-man verion)

Heading down
L-R: Elsa from Frozen, Steve, Andrew (catching a quick glimpse of Elsa), Rick, David

Jasper receives all the attention from the young people - Del not impressed

Jasper meets one of his film heroes

Jasper with Elsa

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Photographs 2021 Thelwall Morris Men
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