Walking Tour of Thelwall
30th August 2021

Team Photo (L-R): Jasper, Andrew, Rick, Rob, Geoff, Steve, Pierre, David, Henry, Del

Village Close

First dance of the day - "Constant Billy", Bampton

Butts to the ground (and camera?)

Hook legging

"Young Collins", Bledington

Mini Team Photo: David, Henry, Rick, Rob, Geoff, Steve, Jasper, Pierre, Del and Andrew
"Step and Fetch Her", Bampton, I think

Mobberley Close

"Laudenum Bunches", Headington - the six dancers are in there somewhere
Mid-Half Gyp, I expect

Not posing at all, before "Constant Billy", Headington

Constant Billy's clashing

Harlow Close

"Rigs of Doom", Bampton style
1st couple crossed sides, 2nd couple just crossing, 3rd couple waiting to cross

Covid Girl (based on "The Nutting Girl", Ducklington - our 4-man version))
Devised during lockdown to be performed "Socially Distanced"

Socially distanced observers and musicians

Socially distance dancers - at no point getting closer than 2m

"Young Collins", Oddington with stick tip banging to ground

Hankies also elegantly used

Selworthy Drive

Corners crossing in "Banbury Bill", Bampton - Steve (extreme right) watching intensely

All in at the end of "Banbury Bill" - Steve (extreme right) has lost interest and dozed off

Last dance at this venue was "The Vandals of Hammerwich"

Swinging back from heading down

The Pickering Arms

Almost a team photo showing all ten team members (Jasper hidden by Geoff) during "Foot Down"

Four-man "Bean Setting", Headington
Featuring more musicians than dancers

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