Warrington Makers Market, Queens Gardens
8th December 2019

Quite a lot of picture - for the reduced team the dancing was excellent

No doubt about it - plenty of room to dance

A traditional Bampton dance to start with

Turning round in the rounds

Lichfield "Ring o' Bells" - The figure is heading down...

...and these are swing backs to to place

A good neat end - facing some people gathering

A four man dance - our adaptation of a Duckling

Triangles around each other

Slows - approach and reire

Finish facing out

Short stick time

Bean setting - good job there are no breaches in the breeches

The various stages of a crossover - approach (middle pair), slightly pass (right hand pair) and turn (left couple)

Bean setting from less offensive angle - good crowd assembling

Bean setting, still, and it's back to back

Half way in the half hey

There endeth the bean setting instructional

Another hankie dance - the figure is half gyp and the dance is from Bampton

We do good rounds!

Time for a stick dance - Skirmish from Bledington


We can also do it the other way

Former Warrington Mayor, and local Labour Candidate in the forthcoming election, 
Faisal Rashid, seeks a photo opportunity

Faisal joined us in Bonny Green Garters

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