New Routes (McIntyre Charity) Orchard Day
5th October 2019

Poster (pdf)

Programme for the Day

The Team on the Day

L-R: Geoff, Ian, Steve, Andrew, Pierre, Rick, David, Bill, Rob, Jasper and Dell

The new Foreman (of 3 days) gets ahead of his dancers

Corners crossing in Banbury Bill, Bampton

Rounds in Banbury bill (Geoff and David looking on)

All in at the end of the dance

All smiles for the start of Constant Billy, Headington - the only we currently do with two short sticks

The overhead clashiig in Constant Billy

The dance features "cross back steps"

Into line during "Crossover"

"The End" - not unlike the start (see above)

Bottom four with "small Rings" in Moulton's Knuckles Akimbo

Half way through half hey

No - this isn't "Spot the difference, though it could be

With arms akimbo

The big rounds (like the small rounds, above, but bigger and with everyone)

The band play a bit
L-R: Jasper, Pierre and Del

The end of a hankie dance - pick your favourite and we'll say it's that one

Bean Setting from Headington

It's good when the dance ends - take that any way you like

Jasper in action (photo from New Routes)

Sarah getting in on the act (photo from New Routes)

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