Tatton Park, Home Farm "English Country Fayre"
26th August 2019

Start the day with a dance called Young Collins, Bledington

"Bean Setting" from Headington enthrals the crowd

Now, a demonstration of dancing in unison during "The Nutting Girl", Ducklington

An 8-man dance - "The Vandals of Hammerwich", from the City of Lichfield

Swing backs to place from "heading down"

Time for some audience participation as Grace joins the set

Ready to go...

Crossing the set

In full flight...


When engineers get together

A relatively new dance - "Galopede" in the style of Oddington

Springing into the air

Some higher than others

Members of the audience join us for the Morris Dance "Winster Galop" - as danced by Winster Morris Men

Forward and back - arms up for other side to pass through (see the shadows)


Some airborne antics

Guard of honour for passing pigs

The Ring in "Ring o'Bells" - look carefully to see a bit of all the team for the day
L-R: Pierre, Del (a quarter of him anyway), Bill Rob, Steve, David, Andrew, Ian, Rick, Kevin and Brian (The Lion)

Bonny green Garters - Last dance of the day.
All members of today's team visible (more backs than fronts) in the picture...

The team photo from the day

L-R: Rob, Kevin, Ian, Del, Steve, Rick, Pierre (seated), Andrew, Brian (The Lion), Bill and David

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Photographs © Thelwall Morris Men
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