New Routes (McIntyre Charity) Orchard Day
6th October 2018

Team photo featuring New Route staff members, Sarah and Cheryl

L-R: Henry, Malcolm, Sarah, Kevin, Steve (holding apple), Rick, Geoff, Pierre, Bill, Cheryl, Rob, David, Andrew, Del

A selection of photos from the three dancing spots we performed
in a delightful area surrounded by apple trees

The main audience were located either end of the set

The band during the day

Stall holders added to the audience and overall ambience of the event

It worked for stick dances, too

Decorations on the trees

See top left for on such decoration in-situ

An apple and the team in action

Henry and Bill's Inaction

Malcolm takes to shade in anticipation of the sun shining again

Bill watches - note the green tree decoration, Diane this time

The ring in "Ring o'Bells"

Headed out for the end of Ring o'Bells

The reluctant stick collector

At least she's smiling

Last dance of the day and we are joined by Sarah for "Bonny Green Garters" 
- the traditional Morris Man's farewell dance

Hmm looks like she knows what she's doing

Don't know about one chair, she deserved three

The big finish on the day

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