45th Annual GeneralMeeting
3rd October 2018

The attendees (and ALL team members)

L-R (standing): Ian, Kevin, Henry, Steve, Bill, Del, Malcolm, Jasper, Geoff, Rick, Andrew
L-R (seated): Rob, David, Pierre

The Bagman's Awards

The Slippery Ferret (poorest excuse to miss dancing out)

Steve receives the award from Andrew
For crying off a booking for failing to explain to his wife the difference between
Home Farm, Tatton Park and South African Game Reserve who then booked a holiday to the latter.

The Dull Bugger (self explanitory)

Andrew presents the coveted award to Jasper,
Who rescheduled a dance out from 8.30 to 8.15 then turned up for it late - at 8.25.
However, strictly, he was ridiculously early as he had also postered it for the following month

Silver Shoes (dancing errors)

Rob receives the shoes from Andrew
Despite his nagging of stick clashing in Oddington Young Collins - he did it wrong PLUS he called a figure (half Gyp)
then (only he)  started a back to back, realising  his mistake half way, he did it again on the way back PLUS other 
Oddington faux pas to numerous to mention here

On the occasion of the first outing of the year, the introduction to the final dance "Bonny Green Garters" is sung by the team.
After this, the band joins in with the start of the dance, the didn't but started a bar late - out of sync with the dancers.
The dancers then sang (la-la-la etc...) where the dance was up to - they changed to somewhere completely different
So for this, a special certificate...

Two Left Hands

The Bagman's Medal (going the extra mile (quite literally this year))

Andrew presents Jasper with the Bagman's Medal
For walking back the 3/4 mile each way back to the base of where tghe Helmond Ring Meeting was being held
to collect the short sticks which had been left behind (not by him) - not sure whether they were subsequently used.

The Thelwall Morris Men's "Thelwall Morris Man of the Year"

Voted on by the team

Rob receives the award from David, the Squire of Thelwall Morris Men

The Minutes of the Meeting

There were 127 of them between 20:05 and 22:12 as recorded by the Bagman

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