358th Meeting of The Morris Ring
Helmond, The Netherlands
22-24 June 2018

The Team for Helmond

L-R: Henry, Kevin, Andrew, Malcolm, Geoff, Jasper (musician), Rob, David, Bill, Steve, Pierre

Friday 22 June

The meeting was based at the Jan Visser (Agricultural) Museum, 
Many of the attending team members were billeted in local hotel
(Our contribution to further supporting the local community)

The Jan Visser Museum

Saturday 23 June - Walking Tour of Helmond

Helmond Morris Men start the dancing

The music men for the day (though some also dance)
L-R: Andrew, Pierre, Jasper

Step and Fetch Her (Bampton) in the Market Place - St Lamberts Church in the background
Almost a team photo - only Henry not featured on the photograph (he was there somewhere)

Second spot at Senders & Co coffee shop
Featuring  some of the thousands of bicycles in Helmond (well, the handlebars, anyway)

Men of a certain age dancing outside a shop
recognised by viewers of a certain age

Steve looking weary (it's just the way he wears his hat)...
...though, his hands are down and everyone else's are up

An arty shot of dancers, musicians and foreground interest - another near miss for a team photo (where IS Henry)

Young Collins (Oddington)

A Yateley Morris Man's Hat

Men of a certain age now only compare length and width of camera lenses

Saddleworth Morris start with processing out of the castle gate

The team watch on...   ...ah, there's Henry, on the left

Utrecht Morris Men in mid Upton on Severn stick dance

End of the massed dance - Exeter Morris with their own set, and one in ours.

Some musicians (Greensleeves and Thelwall) getting set to set-off


In front of Helmond Castle - well, side, actually

Saturday Night's Show
at the Gavioli Fairground Organ Museum and Theatre

Performing our "Primrose and Blue" Dance

Sunday 24 June at the Jan Visser Museum

The jump bit from feet together, jump

A flag dance performed by Yateley Morris Men

We perform our "Thanks for the Hat, Maureen" (Bampton style)

Big finish - Traditional Morris Man's farewell dance, The Bonny Green Garters (Bampton)

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