Primrose and Blue at The Belvedere, Liverpool
4 June 2018

"Primrose and Blue" is the dance design for the "Warrington Morris Dance" tune 
written by acclaimed pianist/composer Stephen Hough specially for Thelwall Morris Men

Stephen kindly took time out to come and watch us perform Primrose and Blue 
before his concert at The Liverpool Philharmonic 

Stephen Hough with the team

David greets and introduces him to team

The Dance

The dance has all original figures

A mid chorus half hey, similar to that found in Moulton dances

The chorus also has some stick clashing - not dissimilar to that seen in "Skirmish" dances

Did I mention the mid chorus bit?
(At least some dancers are checking the line)

The dance end on a high (for the sticks, anyway)

Rapturous applause from the audience (Stephen and friends more than doubled the viewers)

Kevin has the original music, used by Jasper, 
signed (on a rather unglamorous bin)

Posed outside The Belvedere

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