Easter Monday Tour
2nd April 2018

Start the day with a Team Photo

L-R: Back Row: Malcolm, Rick, Rob, Henry, David, Kevin
Third Row: Steve
Second Row: Bill
Front Row: Pierre, Del, Geoff, Andrew

Rope and Anchor, Dunham

Rounds during "The Quaker" from Bampton

The Band play and the Team dance "The Vandals of Hammerwich" from Lichfield

Swan with 2 Nicks, Little Bollington

The band raring to go

The team waiting to burst into action

"Billy Boy" from Oddington 
This is an "Action" or "inaction" photo of all of today's' team:
L-R: Rick, Henry, Pierre, Del, Rob, Bill, Andrew, David, Malcolm, Geoff, Kevin and Steve

RTBs (right toe back) in "William and Nancy" from Bledington

Bill watches the team dance "William and Nancy" from Bridlington Bledington (damn auto-correct)

Pickering Arms, Thelwall

Zac gets his introduction to Morris dancing

Zac feeling elevated at the experience

Mid-air turn in "Old Tyler" from Ducklington

Ruth Bibby performing Sam Sherry's Waltz

The Ring in "Ring O'Bells" from Lichfield

The end of it

Last dance - "Bonny Green Garters" from Bampton, and we are joined by Jim Berry, a founder member of Thelwall Morris Men

The Apres Morris
45 Years of Thelwall Morris Men

Celebratory Cake and Chocolate Ricicles Nests to go with the sandwiches

Chocolate Cake

Double dose of chocolatey eats

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