44th Annual General Meeting
4th October 2017

Those Present (no product placements intended)

Standing (L-R): Dave K, Steve, Kevin, David, Geoff, Del, Pierre, Jasper, Bill, Rick, Andrew, Ian
Seated (L-R): Rob, Henry

Bagman's Awards

Bagman's Medal

Presented to Henry for constructing support for Thelwall Morris Men banner
and walking all Thelwall Rose Queen with it (see image)

Slippery Ferret

...for the worst reason for not being there

Awarded to Jasper for arranging to attend Warrington Wolves on Easter Monday
and abandoning the team before the end of dancing.
(He thought we would finish before 2.30 - we never have done on Easter Monday)

Dull Bugger

Awarded for doing something a bit on the "silly boy"/"bless" side

Awarded to Bill who, despite being told on numerous occasions the start time of Bawming the Thorn,
he only recorded the original guesstimate in his diary, and decided to believe that instead of what
he had been subsequently told several times (and e-mailed, too)
He arrived late, so late that he missed the start and the end - in fact we had all gone to the next venue.

Silver Shoes

Awarded for dancing faux pas, when should have known better - award is "two left feet"

David accepts the award for "abusing" the Oddington tradition:
1. Making basic mistake at the start of a dance he actually taught
2 Going into a chorus after the step up instead of a figure (which hadn't called anyway, being at the No.1 spot)
3. Despite long discussions over several years, does not wield the stick across body but horizontal above (see image)

The Thelwall Morris Men's Morris Man of the Year

Voted by the team members as their TMM Morris Man of the Year

Del receives the leather artwork of a Thelwall Morris Man

During the Bagman's Report, Del was awarded an Honourable Members Tankard 
for all the years of providing music at practices (100% attendance this year) and dancing out.

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