Sandbach Day of Dance
9th September 2017

First order of the day - a group photo
Several attempts were made but no picture had everyone on it (so had to add them)

If you don't believe the whole team is shown - here is a big version

Lyn Purcell and Ray Archer (left) announced that this is their last year organising the event.
A couple from the Sandbach Council (right) suggested an option for next year

Due to heavy rain - our first session was in the hall - the visiting Spanish team Danze de San Chusé

Some clashing high...

...high and low...

...and sometimes, just low

The Quaker

The Quaker's End

Mobberley Rose Queen Dancers

Milltown Cloggies

Next spot at The Old Hall - Still raining so we danced under what we were told was a marquee, but I'd say they were 3 Gazebos

Dancing Vandals of Hammerwich almost completely sheltered

Musicians dressed for warmth

Domesday (Border) Morris dance out of the rain

Younger members dash through the set

Who is the Thelwall Man (Answer here)

Rivington Morris keeping dry

Rivington Musicians

The sun is out after lunch for our first afternoon spot at The Cobbles

Music and Dance(ers) - The dance is "Rigs of Doom" (take my word for it)

The "inside out" hey from Rigs of Doom

It's the bending over backwards (for those who can) with stick and hankie that gives away thsat this is Galopede 

The Sunshine Boys

Danze de San Chusé danced after we had left for the Old Hall

Old Tyler - Rounds

Old Tyler - The Show (middle getting ready to go

Jasper chatting up to a lady of Spain (I think the young 'un looks impressed with him)
(Though someone who has been "visually trained" says she is looking off camera)

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