English Country Fayre, Home Farm, Tatton Park
28th August 2017

The team in action during the first spot

Oddington, and ready to start

Two-thirds of today's music

Some of the crowd

Time for some audience participation - Winster Galop

Adults and wee 'uns join in

The Vandals of Hammerwich

End of the dance

Before the next spot, Bill and Geoff watch the archery

All in... ...Oy!

Winding up for a jump and clash

Moulton dance - Rick has knuckle protectors on (3rd from right)

Audience participation time - Bean setting

Andrew supervises from bottom of the set

Bill supervises from a more lateral position

We finish off with Ring o'Bells

The Finish

Time for some to try out stilt walking

Steve gets balanced...

....Andrew loses his...

...Jasper doesn't know what the 
fuss is about

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