Warrington Town Centre
5th August 2017

A day out in Warrington Town Centre - Six dance spots and no repetition of dances

The team for the day
L-R: Malcolm. Andrew, Kevin, Henry, Rob, Jasper, Geoff, Del, Steve, David, Bill, Rick

Bit of admin at the start of the day - Presentation of "the belt" to Bill

A gob-smacked Bill gets his belt...

...and here it is

A man-hug from the Squire

In the new Market Plaza

Young Collins, Oddington - the Hook following the Galley

The crowd watching from the stalls

The old Market, yet to move to ITS new location (yet to be completed)

Top of Bridge Street/Sankey Street/Horsemarket Street/Buttermarket Street
aka "The Skittles"

Set to go

Geoff looking at the dancing and down Buttermarket St

Bridge St behind, now

For those in the know - this is a fill-in in the figure

There were a lot of video-ing going on from the public - here is just one in action

Shake the booty lads!

Galley, before the Hook (see earlier)

Bottom of Horsemarket Street - Bus Station and Hop Pole

Bus Station, sorry, Warrington Interchange in the background

Primrose and Blue - our new dance with music by local celebrity composer, Stephen Hough
Jasper still needing the music - it's a tricky tune to play

Us, doing this, tells you it this dance

Back to hankies


Panoramic view of the diners

Back to the Skittles

Two short sticks - a lot of overhead clashing

what goes up (the set)...

...must come down

Some spectators at the end of the dance

The White Hart

Another large Plaza which isn't as busy as it should be

During the day some of our lines weren't great - someone commented we should have gone to Specsavers, so we did

A ring in Ring o' Bells

Ruth and Jasper

Ruth, Jasper and most of the team

Bikers tend to park up here regularly - Powered by unicorn farts 

Horsemarket Street - Special request by Relate Charity Shop lady

The lady in the was most disappointed she missed us earlier - so we went back for one dance before heading home

Capers in threes for Furze Field from Bampton

Team photo with the lady from Relate

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