Stockton Heath Town Centre
(Mulberry Tree, Really)
2nd August 2017

For the first time since Easter Monday, the whole team turned out.
Who says we're not committed.

L-R: Kevin, Del, David, Rob Steve, Pierre, Henry, Jasper, Bill. Andrew, Rick, Geoff, Malcolm

Several heavy downpours threatened the performing - but, as we know, it never rains on the morris.
The rain stopped before we started

All set to go - crowd not arrived yet

A lot of clashing going on in Skirmish.
Despite no rain, the musicians take cover, just in case

Speaking of the band. Pierre, Jasper and Del

The bunting is out - must have known we were coming with a full team.
We dance "Rodney" a dance from Headington, nr Oxford

A good "all face in" roundy bit which dance doesn't have. Hmm....

Well, that's it for now

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