Croft Carnival
1st July 2017

As usual, meet up at the Croft Memorial Hall, ready to filter in to the floats as they arrive

Get there early to get parking, so a bit of standing around

Joining the procession, well away from the piped band and the New Orleans type band
We walk when no crowd lining the road

Quick figure from something, so as not to hold up the procession too much

All this is driving us round the bend

A bit of Winster down the road - to the adulation of the assembled throng

Another corner stop

One of the scarecrows on the procession route - see more

We are joined by a volunteer Hobby Horse with an inflated personality

Arriving on the Carnival field

Enter the team, though not to the requested tune

Rick and Andrew do some grand Stepping, and very Fetching it is, too

The roundy bit of the dance 

Malcolm and Bill ready the sticks for the next dance
Pierre and Del concentrate on current dance 
Jasper is distracted - probably by some young lady in the committee tent

Andrew photo bombs the musicians photo

Roundy bit (on this occasion it's a ring) with sticks

Big finish to "Ring o'Bells"

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Photographs © Thelwall Morris Men
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