Walking Tour of Thelwall
21st June 2016

Early rain stopped and a good night was had by all - except David (in case you wonder about the last picture)
Here are a a couple of pictures from each venue on the tour

Village Close

It never rains on the Morris...

...told ya!

Mobberley Close

Pelham Road/Harlow Close

The crowd stretched right down Harlow Close...

...though some chanced it close up

Time for a refreshment break

The team with a couple of followers

Selworthy Drive

Close scrutiny of the dancing

During a dance using hankies

During a dance using sticks

Pickering Arms

The team dance the Sun down on the Winter Solstice...  ...not really (I don't even think it's the Sun, but it is the Solstice)

Not quite the capacity crowd we had hoped for

Don't ask what happened next.
Blood everywhere, well, perhaps not everywhere

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