Gainsborough House
16th June 2017

Team for the day (apart from the Mayor of Warrington and the Lady from Gainsborough Hse)
We are (L-R): Rick, Geoff, Malcolm, Steve, Henry ('twixt Mayor and lady), David, Andrew, Bill, Del

End of a hankie dance - leg in air/on the ground - the Jury is out on that one

Stick dance in full flight - Arty shot

The Mayor looks on completely engrossed

The team show of their dog toiletting move

Bonnt Green Garters danced around the music man

The big finish - well it should have been

An encore called for, so we performed our own dance called...
 "Thanks for the Hat, Maureen"

The dance performed with both the eponymous Maureen and the writer/inventor of the dance - the eponymous hat not on show, though

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