The Golden Pheasant
 Meeting the "Music Train"
14th June 2017

A selection of dances during the breaks between sessions by local band "Nelson Peach"

Constant Billy, Headington - The band and the lads in action

The Quaker, Bampton - If the lines weren't so straight on the left we'd see the whole team out

Knuckles Akimbo, Moulton - Mid half hey

Vandals, Lichfield - swing back or else it is synchronised wind breaking

The light faded a little a bit later on (post 9.45 dance session befor the train left)

Boys of the Bunch, Ducklington - a lot of standing around, except for the two who have to move

Banbury Bill, Bampton - hankies attached to Hannah, dancing with Kevin the Fool

Is this the look of horror, or enjoyment - only Hannah knows

On the train back to Chester, the band played on...

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