Thaxted Morris Weekend
2nd -4th June 2017

Saturday on tour

In action up a fierce slope in Saffron Walden

First proper pub stop at the Fleur de Lys in Widdington

Our stick box proudly on display

The dance called Galopede involves a bit of back bending

All teams in for Bonny Green Garters

And the Thelwall group included...




Next stop The Plough at Debden

Thaxted Men stand around whilst Westminster jump for joy

On to the Cock Inn at Henham for Lunch

The steak pie lunch blew our hats off

Back to Thaxted and the processtion to town...

...led by the musicians and Thaxted (Jasper visible 5th from left)

Thelwall bring up the rear

Finally entering the town square

In fact, a fairly packed town square

Which, as you would expect involved road closure...

Thaxted Guildhall at the top of the Town Square

Thelwall Morris Men's Show Dance was
 "Thanks for the hat,Maureen"

Four of the six men in action

After all that it is time for eating

In between courses, judging by absence of knife and fork
Left side (as seen): Geoff, Rick, Steve, Jasper, Henry
Right side: Pierre, Bill, Malcolm David
If you want to see a team photo with the missing Andrew, brace yourself and click here

Hats off and piled up

Sunday at Thaxted

A parade to the church, led by the vicar of Thaxted

The team approach the entrance to the church, though only a few pass through the door

Some of these have a look at TYhaxted

The church as viewed from...

...the windmill

Dancing outside the church until time to leave and set off on the 3.5 to 4hr drive home

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